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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mac OS X 10.5 Clean Install

When I upgraded my macbook harddrive I took the opportunity to do a clean install of OS X and to figure out which programs I really needed.

After installing the harddrive, power up and insert the Leopard disc-01 you will need to press C to boot from CD. The BIOS might have missed this when you were inserting the disc so may need to power cycle (switch on and off again). Other boot options

The install was pretty straigh forward but unlike every other OS installer it does not bring up the disk partition and formatting box by default so you have to go looking for the disk utility in the top right menu, very annoying!

after an hour it asks for the second disc, which it fails to recognise the first time. Cant remember if I had eject and insert the disc several times ot power cycle but it then accepted the disc and an hour later the fresh install of OS X was complete.

I then installed al the programs I was going to need.

Firefox 3.0.3 [Free]
Quicksilver 3815 [Free]
Xcode 3.1.1 [Free with apple developer registraion also free]
Macports 1.6 [Free]
istat pro 4.71 Dashboard [Free]
VLC 0.95-Intel - Media Player with most codecs built-in [Free]
Max 0.8.1 - Audio conversion [Free]
Lightroom 2 [NOT Free]
Photoshop CS3 [NOT Free]
Handbrake - Video encoder [Free]
Smultron - text editor [Free]
Visual Hub - Now called FilmRedux [Now Free]
Super Duper - Clone bootable drives [Used Free version]
Sound Pref - stop OS X boot up sound, previous post [Free]

After the installation:
Restore my firefox settings, including bookmarks and passwords

Create a user bin folder, for scripts
$mkdir ~/bin
Copy from backup all my scripts in to this folder.
Configure the Terminal and X11 setting and then restore my .bashrc & .bash_profile

Set up scripts to mount my samba shares
Set Desktop Icon size
Set Background Image and screen savers

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