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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Lightroom 2.4 Update

The 2.4 Update for Adobe Lightroom is available here
Or Direct

Remove Parallels from Mac OS X

I used this article [1] to remove parallels from my Mac OS X 10.5 machine.


Basically reload the .DMG used to install it. and run the remove app.

it also recommend removing these files manually (all of them were automatically deleted for me)

cd /Library/StartupItems/
sudo rm -rf Parallels
cd /Applications
sudo rm -rf Parallels
cd /System/Library/Extensions/
sudo rm -rf vmmain.kext
sudo rm -rf hypervisor.kext
sudo rm -rf Pvsvnic.kext
sudo rm -rf ConnectUSB.kext
sudo rm -rf Pvsnet.kext

NB: Remember SUDO will only work on Leopard OS X 10.5 when you have a password set.

Also I had some virtual machines that were very large in:

and there was a shared folder created at:

I deleted those 2 extra folders.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Blogger Minimum Profile Widget

I thought I would expand my profile on / a little bit. Soon after doing so I noticed that the "About Me" widget which links to my profile had grown in size and included a full copy of the profile I had just written.

If I provide a link to a page all about me I dont expect the link to be an entire copy of that page why google thinks that this is a good behaviour I will never know.

There did not appear to be any option for the current widget to only provide the links, so I sought after my own method of doing this. I could not get the auto completion working to pull data from your blogger profile so unfortunately you will have to cut and paste all the links, but if you look here

There are a few boxes to fill out/cut paste urls. click refresh to load the data into the preview, this also refreshes the text box at the bottom, which allows manual edits before clicking the "Add Min Profile Widget" which sends the data to blogger .com which them prompts you for which blog you would like to add the widget to.

If you do not like it they are very easy to remove. login (to and got to customise, Layout, Page Elements, select the widget you want to edit / remove and select edit. The remove button is in the bottom left c orener of the new window.

Just for comparsison I include a small screen grab here:

New Minimum profile Widget on top, wierd original one below.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lightroom Shortcuts

Just a quick reminder to myself of some of the short cut keys available in Lightroom.

Overall control
f next view mode (show title bar)
l light table mode (blacks out everything except photo)
g Jump to Library Grid module
d jump to Develop module
tab toggles displaying side panels
shift-tab toggles displaying top/bottom panels

Photos selected in the film strip
p pick
u unpick
x reject

o Toggle mask when using Adjustment brush

cmd-backspace or Photo->"Delete Rejected Photos..."

In Develop Module
alt develop controls get individual resets!

Facebook nice url

Facebook has recently (this morning 1/06/2009) released the ability to have a nice or vanity url pointing to your profile. You know just like everybody (twitter myspace etc) has always had since always.

just login to facebook then go to and select your username, certain ones seem to be blocked for some reason munkymorgy was not allowed.

Friday, 12 June 2009

iPhone (iPod Touch) sync google conatcts and calendar

Following the instructions here [1] it is easy to setup your iphone to sync your google contacts and calendars directly. Mail sync is not supported yet though. This all happens under the google sync project.


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stuff that might be nice to have

Terra Nova Superlight Voyager 2009 £279

Original £67 or Traillight £30

One with red leds for efficient night time Navigation

Camera gear
Canon EF 24mm f1.4L USM II
Review, Review, Buy
Canon EF 70-200 f4L IS USM
Review, Review, Buy

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Import flickr photos into Facebook

Just found this application [1] for facebook, which is very useful if you mainly post pictures to flickr.


You Have to authorise the appliaction in face book, getting to this page was a little tricky and cant remember how I did it. But once it is done you just add an link to your shortcuts and when ever you find a flickr image you want in a facebook album just click the link and it will upload it to the album of your choice.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Create a link to your facebook profile

How Do I link to my facebook profile page was a question I often asked myself. It is actually quite straight forward. You just need to know your facebook id number. To find your id number login then select the link which is just your real name left of 'settings' and 'log out'. This should take you to some thion like

Shorten this to

and start telling people. you need to login to see it. not sure what happens if you dont have permission to see it. and I dont know any one who is on facbook and does not already have me added as a friend so can not test it. Can some try this out and leave a comment as to what happens if you click the link and login.

There is lso links to make a face bookbadge which for me creates a link to this page: