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Monday, 24 November 2008

Linking to Scripts from Blogger

I have for a while been looking for better ways to include scripts in blog posts. A link to a downloadable file would be nice. Trying to get it relying on other peoples free web services so that my home server can go down/break/catch fire and all the scripts will still be available.

Tried Google docs but that forced me to change all file extensions to .txt
The free account on seems very promising. I have only used Subversion revision control before so may take a while to get use to a GIT revision control system.

This also means I need to set up GIT on all my machines.
So for Ubuntu

$apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install git-core

and Mac OS X
$sudo port -d selfupdate
$sudo port install git-core

My first repo is munkymorgy_scripts this is probably going to be a flat (1 level) store of the useful scripts I post.

NOTE [Added 28/04/2009]:
The following link seems to suggest a good way of displaying code snippets on

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