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Friday, 22 August 2008

OS X and X11 XTerm

For some reason I have to use the X11 Terminal when using Screen on some remote machines, it might just be a setup issue with screen on those machines but for now I wanted my XTerm to look similar to my pro Terminal windows ie black background and white text.

for this you need to create a .Xresources file. Which can be done using vim from a terminal.
$vim ~/.Xresources
and paste in the following

XTerm*foreground: white
XTerm*background: black
You will then need to completly restart the X server, easiest way I know is a full system restart.
NB: you can actually see what this will do by launching X11 and creating several new XTerms. The settings do not get applied to the first instance but they will once rebooted.

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