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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Setting up an RSS with rTorrrent

So I though t that I would have a go at setting up an RSS feed to put torrent files in to a watch folder for rTorrent to pick up.
Is meant to be very good at this

The requiremnets are this program pyhton above 2.4 and mechanize.
for my ubuntu server.

$ mkdir ~/bin
$cd ~/bin
Once that is finished
$python --version
>Python 2.5.2
So that is OK
$apt-cache search mechanize
>python-mechanize - stateful programmatic web browsing
$sudo apt-get install python-mechanize

Now Build rssdler
$cd ~/bin
$tar -xvzf rssdler-0.4.0a.tar.gz

Now erm check the instructions!

Looks like this is also required
$sudo apt-get install python-feedparser

Make dir for runtime files
$mkdir ~/.rssdler

Install rssdler
$cd ~/bin/rssdler040
$sudo python install

now apparantely it will just work by calling
$rssdler -r

eek no config file found
$cd ~/.rssdler
copy the sampe config.txt from here

Still does needs some work before it will do something useful. Will update soon.
Update: got it working my config file with all the blotted comments removed.
$cd ~/.rssdler
$cat config.txt | grep -iv '#'
downloadDir = /mnt/starbug1/terra1/samba/10-test/
workingDir = /home/morgy/.rssdler
log = 5
logFile = downloads.log
verbose = 5

scanMins = 2
runOnce = True
urllib = False

link =

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