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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mac OS X NTFS Drivers speed test

I have had to transfer some data from one USB NTFS formatted drive to another USB NTFS formatted drive. These are the results using the different Mac NTFS drivers available.

NTFS-3G (With MAC FUSE) Caching disabled:

NTFS-3G with caching enabled:

Tuxera NTFS for Mac (25 Euro) (based on NTFS-3G) Caching enabled:

Also missing, For comparison HFS+ test:

NTFS-3G (No Caching) 183 MB/Minute
NTFS-3G (Cached) 610 MB/Minute
TUXERA (Cached) to HFS 1000 MB/Minute
TUXERA (Cached) 1223 MB/Minute
NTFS-3G (Cached) to HFS 1391 MB/Minutes
HFS+ SATA to USB 1464 MB/Minures

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Doug A said...

Useful Comparison.