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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

File Release on SourceForge

Recently SourceForge made an untested 'Upgrade' which broke my main method of making file release. it would have been ok if the new systems put in place worked but they do not!

Webdav has been disabled as a method for upload. The recommend options in order that they seem to recommend are Web interface [1], scp [2], rsync [3] and sftp [4].
[1] Does not work at all.
[2] Can not create new folders or delete files.
[3] Keep a copy of all versions of files, I only want to keep the latest version.
[4] Works but you need to know where to look and require a good client (CyberDuck for OS X).

You need to be a SourceForge member to view this help page!

So SFTP it is then,

Server :
Username : jsmith,fooproject
or command line
$ sftp jsmith,

This will take you to:
you actually want to be here for file releases:

The Project webpage is here:

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