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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Create Icons *.icns for OS X

To create icons for your OS X Applications, first create a master 512pixel x 512pxel master image. create smaller versions if required ie if you want the smaller logos to be different.

The size options you can create for are:

Once you have your images, my logo is simple so I only created one 512 master copy, from photoshop save as a tiff with transparency and Image compression:no compression, Layer Compression:discard all layers and save a copy.

Then open (you need the developer tools xcode):

Then drag you 512x512 tiff on to the largest square I then let it auto scale this image for the smaller options. Then just go File Save As. and you *.icns file is created.

A very helpful tutorial was.

A generic guide to integrating the icns into your mac app is:

Because I am working on a project setup by xCode I can just replace the file in:

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