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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Removing CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) from MAC OS X

So when I rebuilt my machine from a clean harddrive I tried to clone it using CCC, but it would not create bootable clones. it was not leopard compatible. So I switched to SuperDuper which worked great first time.

However every day CCC pops up with a scheduled task.which is very annoying, I just want it (At least this version) off my system.

NOTE : Added 16 January 2009
I have since removing ccc noticed that the scheduled task still gets launched (look in console message) and silently fails in the background, slowing my system down a tiny amount.

Following advice from link above Delete scheduled tasks before Trashing the App

Removing / Uninistalling CCC and ccc_helper
Find the 'Carbon Copy' probably in /Applications .
I try to keep Applications tidy and put it in /Applications/Accessories .

Drag 'Carbon Copy' into the Trash can.
Now if you try to empty the Trash can it will fail beacuse part of the program is still running called ccc_helper this is the part that schedules those annoying popups.

Start 'Activity monitor' found in /Applications/Utilities .
Set the filter in the top right to all processes. and sort by name (or add ccc_helper as a search term). once found double cick on the ccc_helper then select Quit.

Once ccc_helper has been shutdown you can then empty the Trash with out a problem.

These files may need to be Manually deleted
~/Library/Preferences/com.bombich.ccc_helper.plist (if it exists)


Anonymous said...

if after removing CCC, you are still getting errors such as these in your system.log:[1] (com.bombich.ccc.scheduledtask.A59BC5AC-1CCC-4C70-AF7B-6C2C8D0D2252[3118]): posix_spawn("/Applications/Carbon Copy", ...): No such file or directory

Use the launcher control command from a terminal window to remove the scheduled tasks as follows (must be done as root, not your normal user):

1. copy the name of the scheduled task from the system log.
from the example above, select the text:


2. open a terminal window
3. run the "launchctl" command as root:
~user$ sudo launchctl
4. enter the root password for your mac
you will now get the "launchd%" prompt.

5. stop the scheduled task by typing "stop' and then pasting in the string copied from the system log:
launchd% stop com.bombich.ccc.scheduledtask.A59BC5AC-1CCC-4C70-AF7B-6C2C8D0D2252

6. stop the CCC job (yes it's still there) by typing:
launchd% stop com.mombich.ccc

7. remove both the scheduled task and the lower-level launchd registration for CCC by typing the following two commands (similar to 5 and 6)

launchd% remove com.bombich.ccc.scheduledtask.A59BC5AC-1CCC-4C70-AF7B-6C2C8D0D2252

launchd% remove com.bombich.ccc

8. exit the launchd control app by typing:
launchd% exit

Ropie said...

Excellent - thanks for posting this!! You just saved my Mac from a clean re-install. Just one thing, step 6 should read:

6. stop the CCC job (yes it's still there) by typing:
launchd% stop com.bombich.ccc

Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc said...

Million thanks for the clear explanations!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pertinent information. It seemed to have work.

Shirin said...

Just tried it and it worked like a charm. My console messages are much fewer now now that it's not trying to restart every 10 seconds since it can't find the directory!

sung said...

Thank you. This worked!