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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

CD to Computer Music File

For audio conversion on Windows I use CDex. The file name string I prefer is:

On Mac OS X Snow Leopard I prefer to use Max. The file name string I use is:

My prefered output formats are:
[1] FLAC for archive/media server copies.
[2] 112kbps AAC for portable media.

[1] FLAC is a lossles codec and represent exactly what is on the cd, this is a great free codec with players available on most platforms. It will compress a 700MB cd on average to 400MB.

[2] AAC is high quality (Superior to MP3) lossy audio codec. Setting to 112kbps with a variable rate codec means that I actually get files sizes expected from a constant bit rate 128kbps codec. The loss in sound quality is not that important when listening with headphones.

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