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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Blogger Minimum Profile Widget

I thought I would expand my profile on / a little bit. Soon after doing so I noticed that the "About Me" widget which links to my profile had grown in size and included a full copy of the profile I had just written.

If I provide a link to a page all about me I dont expect the link to be an entire copy of that page why google thinks that this is a good behaviour I will never know.

There did not appear to be any option for the current widget to only provide the links, so I sought after my own method of doing this. I could not get the auto completion working to pull data from your blogger profile so unfortunately you will have to cut and paste all the links, but if you look here

There are a few boxes to fill out/cut paste urls. click refresh to load the data into the preview, this also refreshes the text box at the bottom, which allows manual edits before clicking the "Add Min Profile Widget" which sends the data to blogger .com which them prompts you for which blog you would like to add the widget to.

If you do not like it they are very easy to remove. login (to and got to customise, Layout, Page Elements, select the widget you want to edit / remove and select edit. The remove button is in the bottom left c orener of the new window.

Just for comparsison I include a small screen grab here:

New Minimum profile Widget on top, wierd original one below.

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