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Friday, 24 April 2009

Google Apps to host your Domain mail server

A mini howto forward you domain emails to google and get a gmail interface for your emails using use google apps.

Register at
The standard edition is free and can have upto 50 users.

Now Configure Mail
click "Activate Mail"

Follow Instructions for setting MX records
which are :
Priority Address TTL
1 1week
5 1week
5 1week
10 1week
10 1week

The login page should be:
or you can set up [instructions]
select "Service Settings" -> "Email"
Tell google what you want the domain to be.
Update your dns records by adding a cname with alias mail (should match the google setup), points to host name should be ttl 1 week

It may take a few hours for google and world wide dns caches to update making it functional, just wait a and and at some point your new should spring to life.

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