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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Switch from Xcode to Eclipse for java development on OS X

Switching from Xcode to Eclipse for java development on OS X, is relatively easily however Eclipse does not use the ant build.xml by default.

Java is a programming language developed by sun. Java 6 API
Ant is like make for java, A scripted build process.
Normally just calling ant in they same dir as the projects build.xml will compile the java application.

Xcode is an anoying IDE that is part of the Apple Developer toolset
Eclipse is a opensource IDE editor mostly written in java.

Need to figure out how to backup the configuration as it took hours to set up colours for a dark background, the preffered way to programme.

But I really just wanted to make a note of this site It is a mini tutorial on setting up Eclipse to use the build.xml instead of its own build process. You need to do this if changing a project from Xcode to Eclipse.

Basically in Eclipse, Project -> Properties -> Builders. Then Add a new Ant Build and point to your build.xml.

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