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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Replacing Macbook Hard Drive

Since I saw some 500GB 2.5" SATA Hard Drives I have been thining about repacing my 160GB HD. Instructions on replacing macbook drive can be found here

Unfortunately macbooks (as of 2008) only allow 2.5" drives upto a height of 9.5mm. the new 400GB and 500GB 2.5" form factor drives use 3 disc platters in stead of the standard 2 and are 12.5mm in height, therefore will not fit in the macbooks :-(

Looks like the current biggest that will fit are the 320GB which can currently be found for £50


Simon said...

Yeah, its alright for you with your removal facilitating tab! without that would there be enough room - i have no idea as there isnt one in mine.

Morgy said...

The tab is a very thin piece of aluminium probably under 100 Thou (thousands of an inch) which sits on top of the drive, with the plastic tab that lets you pull the drive out of its hole.

So unfortunately it would still not fit larger drives with out this.

NB: it requires a T8 screwdriver (Torx) to remove the retaining bolts for the tab. The bolts also follow guide rails inside the case so might be a good idea to get some fitted to your HD to stop it shaking about as mutch.