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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My favourite terminal torrent client

I have been looking for a nicer terminal bit torrent client than bit tornado for a while and came across rtorrent. It has its own wikipedia page. I have found this torrent client to be much faster than the official version.

It is easily installed on Debian and Ubuntu systems with
$sudo apt-get install rtorrent

NB: if $apt-cache search rtorrent does not return any results you may need to add some thing to your sources list.

On OS X it is available once you have installed and setup Darwin ports.
$sudo port install rtorrent
Good tutorial here for getting it running


Gwylim said...

You might want to have a look at deluge
Which I think has a terminal interface but also a rather neat web interface :D

Morgy said...

I occasionaly use a private tracker which is very strict about the client you use. The tracker must notify correctly when disconnecting so that they can award seeding points.

Also becuase of ISP local bandwidth shaping is a must.

But I will keep my eye on this project. with rtorrent and a netgear router I saw 20x speed increase over my old torrent client and 3com router.