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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Mac OS X tips

discovered this site today and so far worked back through to Nov 2007 archives.

My favorite tips so far have been about 3 apps.
iRed Lite - get the apple remote working with other apps like VLC.

Battery Health Monitor - Tells you current capacity of your battery and number of charge cycles you have put it through.

As a recent convert from Windows (and Linux) I am use to having a start button with access to all applications, which seems to be missing on OS X. So on Leopard i created a stack from the applications folder. However I have grouped a lot of similar applications in folders so clicking on this in the stack just opens the folder in the finder. This program says that it will fix that and I can treat my applications stack just like a windows programs menu.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008 on OS X Leopard Backspace

When using on OS X Leopard the backspace works correctly until I ssh onto another machine, running debian and normally accessed by putty from a windows machine.

When ssh'd onto the external machine the backspace acts as a delete key.

I fixed the Problem by going to
Terminal -> Prefferences settings tab, advanced sub tab then select "Delete sends Ctrl-H"
This fixed the problem for me.